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Specializing in sandwiches and breakfast items.


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Oh my fellow Denver-ites... If you seek delicious, abundant, utterly utter yumminess which will exceptionally exceed your expectations, this is the place! Not only were they early/FAST on delivery (garnished a delightful delivery guy smile, too), you can further anticipate OH SO fantastic-ness in taste, value and - TRULY - the look, heat and tastiness that usually only happens if you actually 'go out' for your nibbling goodies. NOTE: this is the ONLY delivery restaurant that has a 'secret method' for making sure your french fries arrive in pristine, ready to enjoy, condition!! I won't tell you what their trick is, so no other restaurant 'steals' it, but from the biggest to smallest detail - all ordered items included, here -, these guy are the BEST! If I worked for GrubHub's rating and review department (or as a mystery shopper), this terrific place would get all the available stars, plus so much more. Order without any uncertainty or trepidation... you'll be thrilled. Yum Yum, double-dipped Yum... and lastly, I've NEVER said anything remotely this favorable about any local restaurant I've found on grubhub (nor any of the other delivery service options); being a work from home, single, type gal who hates to cook for one, I order online dinners OFTEN and thusly done a lot of 'testing'! Bravo Barricuda's. Muchos Gracias, my friends, and Thanks for all the loving care that went into my dinner this evening. :> See you again soon!


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We got 2 Barricuda Bites fish & chips orders. The chips, fried cod, and tartar sauce were very good.

We wanted to order 2 sides of coleslaw to eat with the fish & chips, but it was nowhere on the menu for Grubhub, except under sandwiches--even though it is listed on the dine-in menu.

So we also ordered the Beef Dip with Au jus, and a Vegetarian Burrito (and both of those items were very good also). Coleslaw was offered as a side for the sandwich, so one of us was able to get the slaw he wanted, but the other one of us was not offered any slaw, under sides on the menu, or under the burrito, or under the Barricuda Bites.

We wanted to order the fish again today, so until coleslaw gets added to the Grubhub menu, we are hoping we can get the Fish and Chips with the sides we want, and without another item we won't eat until the next day, if we try calling the phone number.


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Fast delivery, hot food, great flavors! Fries were still crispy despite styrofoam. I ordered late dinner on Valentine's Day for roommate's birthday. We were both impressed. See below for food review!

South of Border burger for me was awesomeness. It came with plenty of green chili to spread and I even held back some to cover my fries. I highly suggest eating it open face or go one handed for the duration of dinner. It's beautifully cheesy, sloppy, huge, and delicious all at once. My roommate ordered the California Burger. She said it was exactly what she wanted. I didn't hear much else as I was face down and ears deep in green-chili-covered everything!


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The food was very, very good, had a lot of flavor and arrived to my 5th floor apartment, ahead of schedule! I mentioned the 5th floor because it's a secure apartment complex and it is sometimes a challenge to get in but these guys always manage to find their way up, I'm assuming through the security guard, either way the extra effort is there. Not the best Mexican food I've ever had but definitely ranks up there especially for being delivered..... hats off to these guys. I would order again for sure.


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Delivery was early. We had a few special instructions and everything was done right. Wings were incredible. Often times places use very low quality meat but these were delicious and not fatty. The sauces were good as well. The pork chile on the burger was amazing. Fries are not very good, but everything else made it well worth it. Ordering from somewhere you haven't been can often be a gamble and we find it always ends poorly, but this was not the case.

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Honestly, it's like heaven on earth to be able to order a brunch feast from my couch on a Sunday morning! California Benedict and French Toast = perfection!!!


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Our fav fries of any rest. And avoacsdo slices always come separately and generous amount


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Thanks cooked perfectly


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Love and has always loved Barricudas


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Very good food

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